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Below are links to current Second Amendment, RKBA and carry oriented articles we have......

Gun Facts
Registration Issues
Registration Issues - 2
Gun Ban Satire
More Banning Satire
The Bill of Rights
A Cop - on Carry
Criminal's Guns
UK Guns Story
Anti Gun
Why Carry?
Media Tactics
Sheep Parable
Satire Plus
John Lott Speaks
A Lady Turns pro Gun
Threat Behavior
Sheep Trends
Memorial Day Message to Sheep
Some Thoughts of my Own
Wouldn't you feel safer with a gun?
Firearms are not the problem. People are
Murder, Guns and Basic Socio-economic-cultural Factors
Why the Gun is Civilization
Body language and threat recognition
The Gun Owner's (satirical) approach to gun logic.
An Open Letter To Gun Grabbing Zealots
Do You Believe in Evil?
Why WI should have Right to Carry
CCW Aggravations
Penn and Teller - "Gun Control is BS"

Other assorted items .....

Ed's Red
Firearms Lube
Panther Pee
Minute of Angle
Slide Show for Air Weapons
Slide Show of handgun "Kabooms"
Slide Show of Pot-Pourri