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"Panther Pee" Cleaner

Came across this cleaning formulation from a gun forum, some time ago. Having made it up and used it I can recommend it freely where corrosive compounds need neutralized.

''Panther Pee'' ........

A very simple formulation, concocted from readily available items you'll find at your hardware store and/or local pharmacy.

3 pts - Rubbing (isopropyl) alcohol
3 pts - Peroxide (std 3%)
2 pts - Murphy's Oil Soap

This can be interpreted as ''x parts'' or ''x pints'', it doesn't matter. I made a whole gallon and it'll last way beyond my time!! I took a pint to keep in one of the peroxide bottles for regular use - keep it out of light. The main remaining amount is stored in adark corner, in an old yellow anti-freeze jug (rinsed out of course).

This is for me the ''de facto'' cleaning solution of choice for cleaning either black powder guns after use or, guns that have been subjected to old milsurp corrosive ammo. To get the best results it is just a case of microwaving a small amount to make it hot and ready for use - after which it is used on patches which are passed thruogh the bore as often as needed to remove the crud. Once a patch comes out with minimal soiling, switch to dry patches and use until dry.

It is important to get the bore fully dry and so place gun in a warm place for a while to be sure. Once this stage is over, then continue with normal cleaning such as copper solvent if need be on a bronze brush .... etc. I tend to leave the gun after the Panther solution stage - to dry in free air - checking next day for any flash rusting. Most times there is none and I continue with stage 2 conventional cleaning. A small amount of flash rusting I do not consider a problem - it is more like mild discoloration that anything harmful.

If however conventional cleaning is undertaken immediately without recourse to this solution, corrosive salts may well NOT be fully removed, and finish up trapped under a film of oil - not good! A short term way to tie things over after leaving the range is a few swabs with ''Windex" - this at least will take up some of the salts - the main thing to remember is these corrosive compounds are WATER soluble, and not helped by oils and other solvents.

This stuff can be used cold on patches and I have found it still very effective - and used this way it can be applied during a shoot with a muzzle loader, to quickly de-foul after a few shots - ready for another string..