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Gun Facts

This is perhaps one of the most definitive works, presenting clear and logical facts concerning firearms. Our original version was dated 2004 but now we have version 5.1 from 2009. The text below is an excerpt from the original introduction from within a .PDF document. NEW!! 2012 - another updated version, bigger and even better.

Please download gun-facts-v6.0-screen.pdf for yourself and keep it as an excellent reference work. If you right click on the link and ''save target as'' then you can archive a copy on your computer.


The goal of Gun Facts is to provide a quick reference guide for composing arguments for debates, letters to editors, email to your representatives, and statements to the media.

Copyright information- This document is the copyrighted property of Guy Smith, Alameda, California. All rights are reserved unless noted below. The PDF version of this document may be freely distributed by any and all parties, providing that the document is not altered and that the source is always cited. "Reasonable use" laws apply, which basically means you can use any small section of the work without my prior consent.

You are also allowed to print this document for your personal reference and/or for distribution without fee (i.e., you can’t charge money for copies of any version of Gun Facts in either electronic or paper formats). This means if you want to print copies for the media or your elected officials, you are free to do so. Any distribution to anyone else in any format must include the entire work. .............................
Now, get the rest - GunFacts4-0-Screen.pdf - ( NOTE - now, a more recent version - GunFacts5-0-screen.pdf and now even better, Dec 2009 - GunFacts 5.1 pdf) NEW 2012 yet another update, bigger and better - gun-facts-v6.0-screen.pdf.