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One Shooter's Thoughts - Mine.

This is far from original - in as much as it is containing the basic theme of what really bothers us legal and law-abiding gun owners. It is however just another slant on this theme, expressing my own assorted thoughts.

I may well be guilty of dogmatism when I state that there is NO way that this nation can be totally disarmed (are you listening, Brady et al?). It is an absolute impossibility. Let us remember that the ''gun culture'' is nothing new - far from it - it is still alive and (fairly) well after more than two centuries, and is a fact that those against guns must remember, even call it heritage if you will.

Embrace then too the numbers of guns "out there" ........ possessed by good guys and bad guys alike - multiple millions. Laws are long established that can punish illegal possession and use so no new legislation needed here and as we know, bad guys can and will always find the means of obtaining a firearm. Nothing that a Government can do can possibly stop this - OK, I know, dogmatic again, but true yeah!

Will California's "Micro-stamping" absurdity control illegal guns? Of course not as there are way too many ways around it, remembering of course that by definition a criminal is a law breaker - he is not concerned about obeying any laws. Then we can remember too the "Ballistic Fingerprinting" farce - another ploy that does nothing to limit criminals but does cost the tax payer millions in wasted funds and persecutes the good guys.

Where does this leave us? Back in the tight corner we endure as legitimate gun owners. Once more I highlight what we all know - that it is not about gun control but about leftist control for its own sake. It has to be, otherwise the recognition of guns owned by bad guys would be taken into account, which it seemingly is not other than perhaps by lumping in those guns with legal guns as if they are all the same. As I have said - no one can ever remove all those, if indeed any at all. Just look at the UK!!

The folks however who can be ''controlled'' are by default the people who obey the law - those who represent the most minimal threat of all. We are those people. Somehow we have to keep trying to press home the inescapable (to us!) logic which says that disarmament of law abiding persons does nothing significant to reduce gun crime, apart from the inevitable deprivation of a solid means of self defence - against those guns that can never be controlled.

I return once more to the nation's gun history and gun numbers - this is what makes eradication impossible and most so with illegal guns. Let us not forget either, the potential for fresh supplies coming in via smuggling routes - no amount of security can ever stop a flow totally. That leaves us in the position we all see and know so well and which reinforces the truism that "if guns are outlawed - only outlaws have guns". It really is that simple.

I am writing nothing new whatsoever - this is just ''same old'', but rehashed, placing perhaps greater emphasis on the historic duration of gun ownership and its shere scale. How sad and frustrating it is to see over and over the spouting of the anti's emotional rhetoric instead of applying even a modicum of logic - which reflects the actual underlying intent - that of control itself.

I wonder who owns or will own the millionth S&W 642!