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The Gun Owner's (satirical) approach to gun logic.

The "Brady Bunch" et al - seemingly never seem to view gun control in any  way other than illogical paranoid hype - geared to their own ends, which is to render the law abiding populace devoid of any means of self defence and blowing wide open the Second Amendment of the United States Constitution.. 

I here outline what I feel is the inescapable logic we gun owners might apply - albeit with little or no optimism as those who wish to see us disarmed do not think beyond their feeble emotions.

Why is it that almost across the board, the "Anti Brigade" seems to avoid logic entirely - other than of course that old favorite we know too well - "Gun Control is not about Guns - it's about Control" - no logic required! I just wish they would apply logic because even though we gun owners are (inevitably) biased ..... our logic is in my opinion at least - unshakeable.

Let's take some points one by one .......

1) - "Guns kill" ...... well yes - guns CAN kill - that's a given, as of course can knives, automobiles, baseball bats, screwdrivers, chisels and even if used with skill - a knitting needle! This is not the point however - the point is that "the gun" is in and of itself an inanimate machine, and so it is the owner/user who exploits the killing potential. Herein comes the component of intention, use and accountability. As many have suggested - place a loaded gun on a table and, invite all present to observe - as the gun does NOT suddenly start a killing spree.

2) - "Ban guns and all will be well". Ah right - so let's look closer. A gun ban is effective only towards the legitimate (law abiding) gun owner - but the criminal (minority) is by definition, someone who has scant regard for the law and so will always flout it and find a gun - somewhere. The result then of the equation is [good guys - guns = bad guys + guns] - in other words, bad guys will as we know always be and remain armed but the good guys lose their (innate) right to a satisfactory means of self defense.

3) - "The Police will take care of you". Excuse me while I cough! All kudos to our boys in blue but as a Supreme Court case has shown, "Protect and Serve" is NOT a mandate to watch your butt specifically - or mine - it is a generalization directed toward the community as a whole. Let us assume a stellar response time of 2 minutes following a 911 call (assuming of course the potential victim has even a snowflake's chance in hell of using the phone!) - in that 120 seconds a criminal can have shot the victim in the head, secured all goods he wants and be gone - the cops arrive simply to add the "Crime Scene" tape, measure up and call the coroner. Good eh? Not what I call protection - I call it 'detective work' - and the victim is still dead.

4) - "Guns cause Crime". Well sorry folks but to quote the famous bumper sticker - "Guns cause crime like spoons cause Rosey O'Donell to be fat"! Crime is by its very nature is anti-social and geared to exploiting good people for gain. Criminals cause crime and when they are armed and not too keen on preserving other people's lives, will use any means at their disposal to achieve their ends. I say again - they WILL be armed if they wish and no controls will change that - it will always be thus. Life is cheap to psychopaths.

5) - "Make more Laws". Indeed yes ... we could keep making laws to ban or control guns until the dynosaurs return but to what effect? You got it - once more the law abiding folks get hammered and the bad guys laugh all the way to the next attack. We have so many laws that potentially can control and prosecute criminals with regard to guns that no more are needed - what we have need implemented, without crucifying the honest citizen.

6) - "Ban Assault Weapons" - Ed Rendell, PA Governor, and Philly Mayor Nutter (love that name!) ..... are convinced that since the (tragic) shooting of a cop in May 2008 by a bad guy using an SKS - banning "assault" weapons will totally solve the problem. Sorry folks - tell me how! You could take away all our (legal) semi auto "assault" weapons and what will happen? Yes, the bad guys will as ever still have access to such guns by any means you care to dream up - let's just call it "Black Market". So, "WE", the good guys get screwed and the crime world just laughs as they plan the next homicide. Let's forget the Second Amendment - the anti's seem to.

7) - "Restrict Magazine Capacity" ...... ummm - so, we are barred from anything more than 10 rounds again? Right - so, another five in my mag" makes me twice as dangerous does it? Horse puckey! Anyone seen skillful folks who shoot IDPA competitions? Run dry and reload - it takes a fraction of time, not to mention that a skilled shooter makes his shots count. Thing is, it is not the honest law abiding shooter we need to be afraid of - it is the gang banger with an illegally aquired gun who chooses to place a zero value on the life of others and he does not need a ''hi-cap'' mag himself to achieve that end and anyways - he'll use whatever mag' he chooses!!

8) - "Concealed Carry is a Recipe for Disaster" ........ really? Why is it then that states with 'shall issue' seem to see reduced crime figures. Why is it that Chicago, DC and Philadelphia for examples, have the highest homicide figures from gun crimes? I'll tell you - it is because of what we now refer to as the "gun-free zone" phenomenon. Stop good folks from carrying and what is left? Yes, the bad guys, still armed and dangerous, knowing they face minimal armed opposition, and the good people devoid of any satisfactory means of defending themselves, that's what. It's a sad joke based on the desire to render people defenceless.

These points raised only scratch the surface but we all must remember the immense tragedy of Virginia Tech in April 2007 .... a gun free zone but one which was breached by a lunatic with guns. No amount of restriction on carry in academic or business establishments will guarantee prevention of ingress by an armed person set on killing - even with metal detectors, the determined killer will succeed - heck, he can even start shooting at the metal detector personel first - then continue on his mission. It cannot be stopped - other than by law abiding people who could be armed, who even if small in number, just might have the ability to limit the problem.

Sad to say - attempts at gun control can have little or no effect on crime (logic again!)... and if we accept (like it or not) that America is awash with guns which is the legacy of the whole history of this nation - then it has to be seen as inevitable that a disarmed law abiding populace leaves only one thing ..... armed criminals and government. I rest my case.