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Why Carry - all the Time?

There is much debate over whether carry should be casual or full-time. I make the point that full-time (legally) is infinitely preferable and tell you why. Only one man's opinion, of course! Dedication is my mantra!

Let's use some popular analogies here!

Is anyone prepared to leave home in their vehicle on a given day - leaving their spare tire at home? Maybe they believe that day, no nail will perforate a wheel and give them a flat! How might they know?

If folks have smoke detectors in their house - is there any given day that they will remove the battery - because somehow they 'know' the day will be free of fire hazards?

Many people keep a fire extinguisher on hand (or several) in order to be prepared, should a fire start in their home. Is any particular day, a day when the extinguisher can be pitched - due to some precognitive knowledge - that that day will be no fires?

Even though your state mandates seat belt use - is there some day you will not use it, because somehow you 'know' no dufus will rear-end you or hit you in the side at a red light?

Do we decide that for some reason, we will let our homeowner's insurance lapse? Somehow we can assess that the next few months will not bring any disaster to require a claim?

Got the message yet? I like to make the point, often - how can we make appointments for emergencies?

The final point I will make tho - on top of all the preceding - is ............ how do you know that the time you happen to go out without your carry weapon - is NOT the time you might need it? Nothing but nothing guarantees that! Does not matter where you live, does not matter how ''safe'' you deem your area.

If we have taken the trouble to gain our CCW then, why should we decide that any given time or place is safe? Are we clairvoyant? I am not!

Imagine this - you carry often but selectively - somehow you ''know'' that any given time is safe in advance. Let us imagine that you slip out late to get a jug of milk and a loaf of bread ........ your local 7/11 is quiet usually and you never see it as high risk. This time however, is the time that a scumbag will decide to enter, armed - and hold up the place. Just when you are there. It may be you going to get shot - time and place etc.

As you take in the scene and the risk to yourself, you reach down to feel the familiar solidity of your carry gun but .. hold on .... it ain't there ........ you forgot to put it on because somehow you ''knew'' this outing would be risk-free. There ....... you are up a certain creek and no paddle!

Some may deem it paranoid but I will most certainly continue to carry all my waking hours even though I work from home and am not out much. Is it necessary? Well from risk assessment probably not but - the one thing I do know is .......... any time, any time at all - I reach down to my right hip - there WILL be the usual carry gun - regardless. I shall hopefully quit this mortal coil having never fired a shot in anger but heck, if there is one thing I would REALLY get pissed about, is wanting 100% to have my gun, the one day I just somehow didn't bother to put it on!

See what I am getting at - it's dedication - consistency - call it what you will. Think about it, please!