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Despite the name, this .177 cal air rifle is almost for sure from China!! It boasts 1,000fps but when tested did make a consistent 950 fps. That for an air rifle is not too bad and at 25 yards it is able to deal well with with small critters.

The red dot was experimental - surprisingly despite a violent ''recoil'' it has survived so far and accuracy is within acceptible and useful bounds. The size and configuration of this rifle make for a very comfortable and satisfactory hold.
German manufactured by Wierauch, part of RWS probably, this HW35 was bought in the early 1970's. It had an uprated spring and was ''moly-lubed'' - giving very useful performance. It has since been re-sprung once but needs doing again.

For a long time it was scoped and was well used with accuracy at 25 yards good enough to bag small critters. The cocking is ''break-barrel'' with a very efficient locking mechanism as well as good seal insert and so is very efficient.
Webley Mk III
This rifle was aquired as a first air rifle back in probably 1962 and was pre-owned. It is somewhat of a classic and altho well deserving of a major clean-up and re blue, is still very functional. A new spring would probably not go amiss however.

The biggest plus on this gun is .... under lever cocking and, tap loading. A very good combination altogether. The short cocking lever under the barrel is quite hard work but technique solves that - being then able to rotate the ''tap'' 90º to insert a pellet and close - made for an easy loading job and, a very good air seal.

Another big plus was the simple Parker Hale aperture sight unit which has standard click adjustments - this made for a very accurate setting up and it was perhaps the most accurate of all the air weapons owned and shot.
Air Pistols all
This is perhaps the cleanest example of the genre, and is still well functional today many decades later. Pretty it is not but function is not at all bad and it is useful for simple practice.
Webley Senior
A very long time ago when shooting was more oriented toward air weapons, began a small accumulation of these Webley models. They all have the same configuration, with main spring inside a lower chamber and then a barrel which when released and manouvered through about 130º cocked the gun leaving main spring compressed.

The barrel when reseated and locked by the lever, impinged on a leather washer through the middle of which the air was released when fired. This was critical as it was what provided a good seal. Overall the .177 caliber seemed better than .22 - but even then velocity was very modest. Best ''sport'' was plinking at flies or yellow jackets!