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A newer addition (Feb 2009) is a presentation of images in thumbnail form to allow a slide show approach - one category all on one page.  We are using "HighslideJS" to make this work well, such that clicking on a thumbnail will nicely bring up the full size image in the same window. It should work on all usual browsers - if not then our single pages are still available..

We feel this makes for much more convenient viewing by saving so many page loads, even though images might have a short loading time when selected. Below is a list of the various new page options, also reflected now in the dynamic menu at head of page - these below open in new windows so you can come back to reference this page if need be.

Slide Show - Handguns - Revolvers below .357 caliber
Slide Show - Handguns - Revolvers above .357 caliber
Slide Show - Handguns - Autoloaders
Slide Show - Handguns - Single Shot (just two)
Slide Show - Rifles, Bolt Action
Slide Show - Rifles, Autoloaders
Slide Show - Rifles, Lever Action
Slide Show - Rifles, Muzzle Loader
Slide Show - Shotguns
Slide Show - Air Guns
Slide Show - Some Handgun "Kabooms"
Slide Show - Assorted Pot Pourri of interest - including some shot data.
Slide Show - World War 2 Posters