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Mosberg 500c 20G
Here in its original woodwork, this Mossy 500C is now fitted with ''tactical'' furniture and thought has been given to shortening. It is more likely however that eventually a spare shorter barrel will be found.

Although 'only' a 20G it is an ideal gun to carry around for general purpose. It does a very good number on snakes!
Remington 870 12G
This is one very nice version of the ever popular Remingtom 870. Some time had gone by while seeking one but this came up as a local FTF sale - with the gun being all but new and had been bought for turkey hunting (thus the sights.) ....... but the original owner due to health issues decided to move it on.

It is good for length as 20" is still not too long to be unwieldy and after adding a mag extension (which is now clamped to barrel) ...... gives a useful 7+1 capacity. It is essentially in the HD category.
Ted Williams 12G
An old ''cheapie'' type 12G shotgun which reputedly was sold by Sears a ways back. It has a ''vari-choke'' up front and a good long barrel. The pump action works fine and it has been used for some skeet and trap.

In essence however it is just ''there'' as a spare shotgun and not much else! Nothing special.


Baikal O/U 12G
This was an economy replacement for a Browning Citori Hunter, that should never have been sold (reminder to self - do not sell guns!). It was mainly a case of having a suitable shotgun for occasional trap and skeet.

This was a very good value piece and a set of Colonial Arms screw-in extra chokes enabled it to be set up for lead and steel too. It was and still is on the tight side but, it is pretty well put together and seems very good value. It also fits well with the slight length increase from a 'Limbsaver' recoil pad.
Laurona O/U 12G
This Spanish shotgun has a very checkered history! It is old but also has had some traumas along the way. It served well for wildfowling 20 years ago, using 12G 3" loads but also got used as a general field workhorse quite regularly.

It's worst event was being dropped from a great height (don't ask!) ........ and one barrel got distorted at the muzzle and the stock got a split. The barrel was corrected but to this day the crack is still there in the stock, above pistol grip. Despite all the abuse it has had, it is still a very good old friend.
Sable S/S 12g
This was a first shotgun actually owned, though many had been shot before this one. It is a non-eject and that was of some concern but in fact is of little importance. Other aspects were appealing and it is essentially a classic English upland configuration. I doubt though it could be called cheap as in 1976 or so it cost the equivalent of some $200.

It is unfortunately more than obvious, that wood has been added - which did not match but - functionally that plus the recoil pad extended it to provide a great fit. Pull this up and into shoulder and it mounts beautifully. It sure would not though suit everyone ... but find the right load and it performs very well. Classic style.