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Enfield 2 Band Musketoon
This is an amazing gun - in part because it is of such historic interest but also due to it being of such large caliber - .577. It could be said to be the muzzle loading version of a carbine as against full length rifle (which would be the three band).

Made by Parker Hale it is a reproduction of the original Enfield but very well made and authentic. It will accept charge weights from 2 1/2 drams (70 grains) right up to 3 1/2 drams, but that is geared toward round ball - and so for normal use with a ''Minnie'' bullet (approx 520 grain), 2 1/2 drams is plenty! Thus the slip-on recoil pad! It uses std #11 caps.

The main problem found is due to the need to get the cheek tight to the comb in order to get a good sight picture. The net result of that is often a sore cheek, as it has quite a fierce recoil. Downside as with all front-stuffers, is - clean up!
Inline 50 cal
A modestly priced in line .50 cal muzzle loader called ''New Frontier'', with plastic furniture and no frills. It feels very good in the hand and is not over heavy. The 'scope is a spare unknown origin called a Panascope 4x but it serves adequately.

Ignition is as usual for these, using a std 209 shotshell primer. This all but guarantees ignition every time and probably also allows a small downsizing of charge as it is so aggressive. The configuration also provides for an easier cleaning rationale after shooting. Minnies are cast for use in this.
Traditions 50 cal
A very useful budget priced .50 cal 'front stuffer' - using the usual #11 caps. This one has turned out to be quite good using ''Clean Shot'' as a propellant with just round ball - which reduces some of the mess after using black powder.

A simple gun for sure but, find the right load and it performs very well.