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Enfield Mk IV sport
''Sacrilege'' some will say - as this is a MkIV Enfield, but - sporterized!! This however was the way it was when bought and with Winchester 180 grain JSP rounds shoots very well. It is good enough to be a backup deer rifle in fact.

Not overly heavy but enough to deal with recoil, plus the slip-on pad makes it even better for comfort and usefully lengthens the butt. A pleasurable shooter.
Enfield Mk V Jungle
Here is a fun rifle! The Enfield MkV "Jungle" carbine, in .303 British. It came into service around 1943 to see use in Borneo and jungle fighting - it's reduced size and weight making it more totable. The downside is that recoil is definitely more obvious! (Note recoil pad, which slightly lengthens and makes more comfortable!)

The action is sweet, as all Enfields and makes for very fast cycling from the std 10 round magazine. Aquisition of quite large quantities of very old milsurp ammunition make this not over expensive to shoot, altho being corrosive primed there is a need to clean up well after. Sights are excellent - either with leaf down a peep which is near spot on for 100 yards or - flip up leaf and dial in range on that peep ring.
Ishapore Enfield
Coming out of an Indian Arsenal - this is essentially the Enfield SMLE but chambered for the .308 Win and referred to as the 'Ishapore' 2A. It is certainly well able to handle the round but this example has not, thus far, been capable of grouping at all well. That should be probably addressed by finding the handload that suits.
Mauser Obendorf .22
Despite being only chambered for .22lr this rifle is quite a heavyweight and could well be at a glance taken for being something more like a .270 - until the small (10 round) magazine is spotted! The chamber diameter has to be about 1".

It appears to date back to 1920's and is incredibly accurate. It took 134 rabbits one summer on a farm suffering an infestation! Supposedly it was discovered that, in excellent condition these rifles are worth quite a lot. This one has some small bluing blemishes and is so not 100% perfect but still - a very handsome gun and a keeper too.
Spanish Mauser .308
One of many quite inexpensive C&R rifles and getting close to carbine in size, regrded perhaps as "two band". It is chambered for the .308 Win but much doubt exists as to whether it is actually man enough to handle that - in part because of considerations involving the bolt lock-up strength, with only two lugs.

It has become because of this an enjoyable platform for experimentation with cast rifle bullets, which of course do not reach anywhere near the peak pressures. Better to play safe!
Turkish Mauser, ATI
This started life as an inexpensive purchase of an 8mm Turkish Mauser. The furniture on that however was such that obtaining a sight picture was awkward in the extreme due to the unwanted height of the stock comb.

A decision was made to fit it all to an ATI stock, which is patterned on the Steyr style. Not in itself very good looking but when offered up to shoot feels excellent. The bolt handle needs modified to go this route and while it can be bent to an angle with a flame, was in this case achieved by cutting off the original, then drilling and tapping to take an add-on piece.

With this set-up and the barrel length we have a quite reasonably accurate rifle at extended ranges and it is strong enough to handle the rather high pressure milsurp Turkish ammunition.
Mosin M38
Pretty much the smallest of the family, the M38, which is not too different from the M44 - is a very compact rifle/carbine, and delivers an impressive muzzle flash from the 7.62x54R ammunition. Recoil is quite sharp but bearable and accuracy adequate enough. Its compactness is a definite advantage

This example was picked up from a gun show for a mere $59 and is a very clean re-arsenalled edition.
Mosin Nagant 91/30
The ''long fella'' in the Mosin family and a real old classic. There has been a huge influx of these among other C&R rifles and prices have been good too. The 7.62x54R ammunition seems to have been in quite good supply and the last batch obtained was dated 1966, of Czech origin.

It is not for all the most comfortable rifle to shoot but it certainly did good work for the Russians in two world wars!
Remington 760
This rifle goes back to around the 1960's it would seem, as the 760 'Gamemaster' and was followed by the newer 7600 later on, looking pretty much the same. By most accounts the 760 was the better gun in many respects.

It is marginally unusual in that it is a pump action (although included in the bolt category for convenience), chambered in this case for the .308 Win round. It is eminently suited as a deer rifle and accuracy is excellent. The one thing it will not tolerate is bad quality ammunition as the rotating bolt will not close fully every time and even extraction can be difficult. Homeloads work best or Factory Remingtom JSP's. It is quite compact and thus easily toted all day if need be.
Ruger M77 mkII
One of Ruger's well known rifle series and a very pleasant light-weight gun. With the 'scope and Harris bipod it makes for a very efficient varminter, the .223 Rem being plenty for the job.

Not all purists will like the furniture not being wood but that matters little when shooting, and the stainless helps if out in the rain too. This one seems to quite like WWB .223 Rem varmint rounds with the 45 grain small HP bullet.