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Beretta CX-4 Storm
The Beretta CX4 Storm carbine, using std 9mm Luger ammunition - appears at first glance to be out of a Flash Gordon movie! However, let looks not deceive as ... once held and fired it is surprisingly ergonomic and good to use.

Its downside, well with this one ...... is an attrocious trigger but one that you can get used to, just! Accuracy is very good and with the red dot it makes a very handy platform. Weight is modest and so a very easy gun to tote all day if need be. It will accept mag's from other Berettas, such as the 92 series.
This is one superb MBR and a favorite, made even better by having a Leupold on top - despite some cries perhaps of ''shame''!! It was bought used and it was a build on an Imbel. It is dead reliable and very adequate for accuracy.

However much 5.56x45 has taken the stage in military service, the 7.62x51 still reigns supreme when it comes to distance.
Hakim 8mm
This heavyweight was produced by Egypt using tooling that had originated from the Swedish Ljungman design, and it only saw active service apparently with the Egyptian army around the time of the Suez crisis in the 50's. It utilizes the Mauser 8mm round (8x57) with the 192 grain bullet but should not be used with the 'hot' Turk ammo.

Care must be taken with ammo choice as hot Turk ammo can be excessive, even with the gas port orifice kept well small.

A limited quantity of carbine sized versions were made and christened the Rashid - using 7.62x39 ammo.
Hi-Point Carbine
Not an ideal pic' of a very ugly gun!! This is perhaps the cheapest 9mm carbine around but surprisingly most people find them very reliable and they make good plinkers. Value for money. Moved this one on.

To further exploit the word ''ugly'' I do not think there is any gun anywhere that ''out-uglies'' this gun!
In a sense this is 'another' FAL - except it is the ''inch'' version and was originally for quite some time the British MBR - and it saw much active service in the Falklands Conflict in 1982.

It is still using the 7.62x51 NATO round but here we have a version put out by Century Arms as a ''sporting'' rifle! As it came it was not very reliable but some tweaks here and there have helped and it is now a very serviceable platform.

It could well do with modifying to produce an auto bolt hold-open function and also have the cocking lever (collapsible) modified to be a charging handle. It's fairly basic but also very adequate.
Marlin 60 .22LR
This has to be one of the funnest .22 rifles around and also one of the best values too. Not so long ago $100 at Walmart got you one! No doubt by now prices have gone up higher than this!

The 15 round tube mag' works well and overall the gun is most reliable, providing that eventually, it is field stripped and given a clean. .22 ammo is dirty and although many .22's seem to run forever with no cleaning, too much crud and this can give the occasional failure to go into battery and fire and eject. Accuracy is excellent.

Check out this video for giving some info on dismantling this rifle - and is worth a look for those not sure how to do it.
Marlin Camp 9
This could as easily be the Camp .45 also, of which no pic' is shown for that reason!

A pretty plain and simple carbine making good use of the pistol round. Once more the excuse for a red dot is the ''old eyes'' syndrome! Accuracy even out to 100 yards is very fair.
Marlin Papoose .22
This compact offering from Marlin in .22lr is the ideal small rifle to keep tucked away for camping trips etc. The barrel unscrews from the action and the whole dismantled unit fits nicely in a fairly small zipper bag.

Again the ubiquitous red dot but it suits well - the odd thing is the mag's as supplied are 7 round!! That seems odd when 5 and 10 seem more logical. 10 rounds are fortunately available. Accuracy is very adequate though not stellar and the lack of a forend does make holding it a little awkward..

The semi action is essentially what you will see in the Marlin 60 rifle. Handy to have though.
Ruger Mini-14
The Mini-14, chambered for .223 Rem ammunition has not been the most impressive rifle for accuracy unless quite heavily upgraded. At 100 yards and a five shot group - it seems all but guaranteed that one shot at least will totally ruin a group! Perhaps to state 4 MOA is being generous.

It is believed however that the latest Ruger offering has improved matters and as a gun platform it is most compact and is really just a carbine. It's action is based on the Garand action and that is most reliable - with rapid fire being very easy.

This example has always been a fun gun for most part and additions were made regarding a barrel heat shield and a simple muzzle brake. It is a lot of fun.
Romanian SAR1 AK 47
The Romainain SAR1 may not be the best AK clone out there but it's certainly very adequate and capable. This one has seen copious quantities of ammo thruput and has never missed a beat.

Once more a concession to ''old eyes'' is the fitting of a red dot and that, quite a cheap one too but - it works and does the job. The one main thing remaining to be changed is the trigger group - as this gun does have very noticeable trigger ''slap'' - which is why the trigger has a piece of 6mm red plastic silicon tubing on it - to act as a cushion!
Norinco SKS
This is arguably the best SKS out of all the variants available. This particular one certainly has excelled and with the simple red dot makes a very accurate and rugged platform for the 7.62x39 round. Reliability is on a par with AK's.
Romanian SKS
Yet another SKS, employing the ubiquitous 7.62x39 round. This is quite well made and very serviceable.
Jugoslavian SKS
This SKS is the one many are used to seeing, having as it does the grenade launcher permanent attachment, complete with a dedicated sight. Otherwise it is pretty much ''just another'' SKS.

This one was possibly holding the record for included cosmoline when received and it has a very ''black'' barrel. Once cleaned up tho it does function very adequately and accuracy is well acceptable.
Stirling Carbine 9mm
This is another of the few pic's representing nostalgia - An excellent carbine, essentially the Stirling SMG but with 16" barrel, and bolt modified for select fire. This one had a wooden block made which fitted onto the open folding stock butt - and by use of that set-up to extend the length, it was possible with regular lead bullet (125's) homeload ammo to get a 9" group at 100 yards. Not too shabby really.

This gun was in the category of semi, which following Michael Ryan's mayhem in Hungerford UK in 1987 became illegal. This and a Mini-14 where ''lost'' to legislative lunacy and became de-activated wall hangers. Mag capacity was a useful 34 rounds.