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Marlin 94 in .44 Mag
An excellent platform to make good use of the .44 Magnum round. A small downside is that this one has micro groove rifling and so cannot satisfactorily utilize cast bullets. It does however seem to like MagTech factory JSP's.

Yet another gun sporting a red dot - only because of ''old eyes'' and problems with open sights. It does in fact perform well with that addition even tho aesthetics are spoiled.
Ruger # 1 45-70
This has to be one of Ruger's nicest rifles, if rather short - certainly it is superbly finished and woodwork graining is excellent. The 45-70 caliber was chosen partly because it is very versatile and, this gun can handle the max loads safely - pressures up toward the 35,000 CUP limit! Short of using a powder that is too fast burning, it is hard to exceed safe loads in it as the case capacity will not permit more!

As a single shot, this has the ambiance of a 'buffalo gun', despite its relatively modest size and weight. For sure, touch off a max load and it sure feels like a buffalo gun!! A more modest load now is used the same as for the BFR revolver.
Savage 99c in .243
This gun is now sadly out of production but goes back quite a long ways. Earlier Model 99's can become quite valuable. This is chambered in .243 (6mm) and is beautifully balanced, with superb woodwork - aquired new from a raffle!.

Only equipped with a Tasco scope initially, that was changed to a Leupold as grouping seemed poor. This turned out not to be the problem and instead it would seem that it does not like the 105 grain heavy bullets that had been handloaded. It will probably perform better with a more standard 85 grain bullet weight, as possibly its twist is a major factor.
Winchester 94 in .357 Mag
This one very easily carried carbine, being very much at the short end on barrel length. It makes very good use of the .357 Magnum round, which is usually from choice a homeload gas check 158 cast SWC load - recoil is minimal.

It was aquired with scope mounts fitted, drilled and tapped - which means the gun is somewhat ''stuck'' with them. It had a 'scope for some time but the decision was made to try a red dot. Unfortunately this does little for the looks! The plus side of the mounts however is they are ''see -thru'' and so there is still an open sight shooting option. In its own way, even if at the relatively modern end of production, still a Winchester classic.