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Morphic types and holster choice.

This diagram is shown to illustrate a major factor that might help influence a choice between outside the waistband or inside the waistband holster. It is based on body type. Obviously many other factors come into play also.

A simple categorization of the human form is 'endomorph', 'mesomorph', and 'ectomorph'. Put simply it is the variation from slim and broad shouldered, across the in-betweens to the more ''pear shaped'' form, where the waist is possibly as large or larger than shoulders.

The diagram is of course grossly exaggerated but is making the point that cover garments can hang differently on these two extremes. So - on the left is an endomorphic shape, with garments hanging from broader shoulders over a narrow waist - and so creating space to accomodate an OWB rig, with little risk of printing. Thus that rig style may be both effective and extra comfortable.

In contrast the right shows a very ectomorphic shape and here there is no space free, as the garment hangs onto rather than over the holster position - no free space. Printing could be a problem with OWB and so this could definitely merit the use of an IWB.