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Rig designed for Smith 5" N frame

Most people enjoy good leather and these rigs are most attractive. Not actually for cowboy action shooting but the basic style has that flavor about it.

In part an attempted ''DIY'' project over 20 years ago, they were in fact receiving of much input from a leather-working friend who had the machines capable of stitching everything together, as well as the experience to solve some of the problems!

The one above was made to take a Smith M27 which was used for practical competition and had two options - either one holster on left for cross draw or the other on right for regular draw. Ooops! - the picture incorrectly shows the cross draw on the right side, thus the appearance of reverse cant! The cross draw was actually not used a lot because of range restrictions on that presentation method.

Below, the rig was made to take an early Ruger Redhawk and so was of potential use as a hunting setup as well as just use on the range.

Rig for Ruger Redhawk