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Somewhat out of the main theme of this site but - a passion I have, along with shooting and motor cycles! So ...... just a few pics of some of my planes with some info' about them.

Ryan STA 1/4 scale ARF

First - a Great Planes Ryan STA, 1/4 scale ARF. I real old style plane and not perhaps that pretty but, a classic. Despite being an ARF (almost-ready-to-fly) - it took a good 20 hours or more to get it set up to fly. Wing span is about 84" and weight a mere 13# or so.

It is powered by a Saeto 120 4 cycle motor which is plenty to do the job. It sounds good and scale flight is quite feasable, although if pushing the envelope a little, the plane will do simple manouvers like rolls and hammerheads. Altogether, while not spectacular, a very fun plane to fly and see in the air.

To add - recently converted some tape footage from Fall 2007 into a small clip - very compressed but - sufficient maybe to give some idea of it's characteristics.  It was rather windy but - do take a look ........ Ryan STA Fall 2007 - only 2.7Mb.

Ryan, Spacewalker and Sopwith

Here, the Ryan again at a fun fly day - along with the red Spacewalker behind it - also powered by a Saeto 120 4 cycle. It still has not had the cowl added (laziness!). It is more sluggish than the Ryan and I seem to recall a bit heavier but still - a nice plane see in the air. Also about 84" span.

Behind these is the Sopwith Pup which I had for a season or more but sold as it was too much hassle to transport around. Still ..... a beautiful plane to see in the air and with its Super Tigre 2000 motor, plenty enough power and still sounded quite nice. There is a video of this in flight if you want to peek (6.3 Mb wmv file).

Sopwith Pup

Well, here is the Pup on its own. Some scale features were never added, instance the wing braces/struts, which should have had some profile material added. Even so, this was a fine looking plane in the air and would fly real slow if needed. Pretty well behaved.

It was built by a young guy in NY state originally and is a Balsa USA 1/4 scale kit, with a wing span of approx 72". Motor here, a Super Tigre 2000 2 cycle. There is a video of this in flight if you want to peek (6.3 Mb wmv file).

Telemaster, 40 size

The Telemaster is a design that is as old as the hills! In some ways a boring high-wing trainer but - this 40 size, having a 60 size motor on board does do rather well. Its aerobatic potential is limited but it is fun to ''push the envelope''. Span is about 6'.

Started from a kit 5 years ago - it languished part built until a year ago it was decided to finish it and get it flying! It now is not only quite fun but has recently being tweaked to make it a platform for a video camera. First test was camera down-looking from a belly hatch and although it worked, it was not a good picture with it being hard to ID the features below.

It was converted so that a tiny video camera could be mounted to left wing top, a few inches out from center line ........ and fwd looking. Results were not very good - the system relied on an RF link and keeping a good picture was more than difficult. Things have recently transitioned to another camera - this time placed on my Four Star - see lower down.

Uproar, 40 size

Now, here is cheap entertainment! An ARF from Tower Hobbies, this plane at a mere $80 is excellent value - of course all the gear and motor needing added. Sized at .35 to .46 - this one has (of course!) a .46 on board. It is strong and incredibly aerobatic - being capable of all that is in ''the book''. I am still working on the absolute extreme trick manouvers but it will hang on the prop' nicely.

Wing span is a mere 48" but this puppy will roll so fast you dare not blink and its snap roll is awesome. Mind you, the throws I have on high rate are all but obscene!

To add - Some video from Fall 2007 has been made into a short clip (very compressed) - due to rather brutal wind the flight was kept very short!  Uproar .40 Fall 2007 - only 1.2Mb

SIG 4 Star

The SIG (no - not the gun maker!) - ''4 Star'' - was bought to replace a Goldberg Tiger 40 that came to grief when its elevator linkage came adrift - it wrecked! This is a 60 size plane but fitted with a .75 - actually no heavier than a .60. It will prop-hang quite nicely and also do most tricks well although roll rate is a bit slow even on high rates. Ideally the wings could be shortened by one rib bay to improve this. Span is 6' and throws are pretty generous!

Extra - recently (May 2008) started playing with a "FlyCamOne2" mini video camera on this platform, fitted under center rear of wing - a self contained and very light unit from Hobby Lobby.  There are so far two clips worth a look .... the first (13.7Mb) is minus the landing sadly - due to the file saving being incomplete but, it gave the opportunity to try several low passes.

The second file (9.3Mb) finished up complete and included some much higher flying - albeit a bit breezy and bumpy so - hard to keep totally stable.

Goldberg Ultra Sport 60

This Strega is a very recent addition (August 2007). An ARF by Phoenix Models, from Tower Hobbies.

Based on the P51 Mustang it is a good flier and is rated as ".40-.46" engine size, and though it will fly well with a .46 decided to install a Magnum.52! That is currently swinging an 11"x6 prop. Throws are near max on high rate and it is very nimble - rapid roll rate and spins nicely, helped no doubt by a mere 54" wingspan.

The build manual is OK but lacking in some info' which would not help the builder new to airplanes but at not much over $100 delivered, a good value plane quite well built. Quite rare - even the control surfaces are alreay hinged and pinned.

Goldberg Ultra Sport 60

This Ultra Sport 60 was my friend over about three seasons. It had a .75 motor and was thus good at climbing fast - very short take-offs! With large throws this was capable of about any manouver desirable and gave enormous pleasure. I did keep some video of it from one flying day. 13.7Mb.

A year ago - while flying inverted at rather low level - I decided to come out of that by looping out - oops - too low and plowed into the ground. Many tears! Crazy thing was - I could so easily have rolled 180º or outside looped and been fine. Pilot error was the only reason - no excuses. "Stuff'" happens as they say!