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I used to be a Brit' but am now a proud American since October 28 2005. Let me tell you though and maybe remind you too - what happened with guns in the UK is all too easily possible to happen here, in the good ol' US of A. The Constitution is not perhaps the guarantee we might hope (SCOTUS may yet alter that) and so there needs to be vigilance to protect fiercely what is our right - to keep and bear arms.

The process is however one of attrition - a ''drip-drip-drip'' - a process of stealth if you will. It is very unlikely there will be a sudden ''hand in all your guns''. No, it is as already evident, a process that creeps up on us in increments.

As a new American Citizen I have rebuilt my firearms collection - a very few have moved on to expedite purchase of others but not many, and I have ''recovered'' to some degree from the attrition/debacle suffered back in the UK ten years ago.

I have had a carry permit now for just over five years and utilize this to the full, being a firm believer in the individual's responsibility to take total control of his/her own protection and that of immediate family. To that end I carry all waking hours, despite living in a reasonable neighborhood, working on the basis that should one day a situation develop from which I cannot escape, then I will have the means to hopefully survive.

No one can make appointments for emergencies and it is and should be, the right of every individual to have the means to defend themselves. I no more look for conflict than I seek a hole in the head but, I WILL respond to a lethal threat in kind if need be.

I am ''getting on'' in age and while choosing to label myself as semi-retired, in fact still work on web site building and allied subjects. I have made this site to both provide interest for firearms enthusiasts and also to add a few small morsels of information towards the enhancement of the right to keep and bear arms.